Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Noble Citra Showers

type: double IPA
origin: Anaheim, CA
price: $9/22oz
ABV: 8.8%
NSP: 6.4

The Citra hop has been used extensively by nearly any brewery worth their salt.  It's a hop where the flavors suggested by its name actually show up in the beer.  People like citrusy shit so why not use the hell out of a citrusy hop, right?

This is Cup of Coffee in the Big Time, folks.  Big, bountiful aromas of sweet fruity hops, followed by bountiful sweet, fruity hop flavors laid over a really clean, crisp malt base.  This is a single-hop beer that really works, but more than that I could find myself buying this regularly if the NSP comes up a bit.  Until then, Flying Dog has the best valued Citra-hopped beast.

Noble's done quite well around this blog, and this is further proof that -- as the Macho Man might say -- the CREAM RISES TO THE TOP!

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