Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pizza Port Ponto

type: session IPA
origin: San Diego (Carlsbad location), CA
price: $10/6-pack 16oz
ABV: 4.5%
NSP: 12.8

Nice light body with mellow malt backbone, and a solid punch of bitterness and floral, hoppy aromas.  Even though the ABV is low, it still has noticeable booziness to it because the malt backbone is, well, really fuggin' mellow.  It tastes a tad buttery, which I'm sure is not supposed to be there, but those flavors aren't overwhelming and may disappear over time.

Surely this is not the best session IPA around, but it's probably the best value around for the style.  It's simply a no-brainer purchase in a time when newish breweries and ebay hawks find it amusing to inflate prices.

The Patron St. Egman recently asked me for a recommendation for a low alcohol beer to take with him on a trip to Norway (you're allowed to bring beer under something like 4.6%), and all I could think of was Fractional IPA.  Fractional is delicious, but it's more-or-less a seasonal release; now I can whole-heartedly recommend this to him.  Although I doubt it will be found in other cities, Stone threw a party for their release, so it has a good chance of getting out of SD, brah.

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