Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Perfect Crime Hollow Point

type: quad
origin: Belgium
price: $5.75/12oz
ABV: 10%
NSP: 6.2
website (Do they even have one?? Probably not.)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but The Perfect Crime is a brewing outfit comprised of the leaders of Stillwater and Evil Twin, apparently contract brewing around the country, spreading their gypsy brewing tears.  The name likely stuck after the Stone collab, and after tasting this I hope they continue.

How is it as a quad?  Not as massive as Decadence '12, far less clingy and unique than to the Stoic, and not as "refined" as Baby Tree -- somewhere in the middle, lets say.  All the flavors you'd expect are there in large amounts: raisin, molasses, booze, wheat bread, spice, tempered acidity, and more.  It's also super easy to slug back (read that as "dangerous to your social skills in public").

By far I can't rank this as best in class, but it's pretty damn good.  If the NSP ticks up slightly, I'd say pounce on it; and definitely pounce if you see it at your corner beer bar (note my previous comments though).

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