Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break

Type: Imperial Porter
Origin: Brooklyn, New York and Copenhagen, Denmark
Price: $17 per 22 oz
ABV: 11.5%
NSP: 4.4

I must say, ever since hearing about it this beer, I have wanted to try it. For this one, Evil Twin used 1000 glazed doughnuts as part of the wort, and the after pictures are reminiscent of a snuff film. The base is similar to Imperial Biscotti Break, which is a fantastic beer, and the gimmick in this one is so ridiculous, I couldn't pass up.

First impression: the pour is incredibly viscous, probably the thickest beer I have seen. Very close in consistency to Bourbon County or Surly Darkness. It definitely had me worried about the possibility of diabetus in a bottle, however the first sip took my worries away. It is sweet, don't get me wrong, but not super sickly sweet to where you wouldn't be able to finish the bottle. There is a really nice strong roast on the malt with a bit of coffee accent that cuts through the doughnut part of the beer. And as for the doughnut part, its very muted. Really the only thing that remains is a faint vanilla quality and a slight bit of the sugar glaze that probably went unfermented. I should note as it warms up, some more of the doughnut quality comes out, but not as much as you expect. It is definitely interesting, well balanced, and worth a try. Really the only downside here is the price (although its not the worst NSP I've seen around here).

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