Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stone Matt's Burning Rosids

Type: Imperial Smoked Saison
Origin: Escondido, California
Price: $6.99 per 22 oz
ABV: 10.5%
NSP: 9.8

So I bought this one based on the absurdity of the style: a smoked imperial saison. Cherrywood smoked at that. I can't really think of any imperial saisons off the top of my head (would probably be classified a belgian tripel), and definitely no smoked ones. The only types in this genre that are smoked are rauchbiers, so thats all I have to go off of. As a side note, this was brewed in memory of a Stone employee and there is a full overview on the back which you should take a look at. Also, the name is not random: the rosid family of plants include cherry trees, so burning rosids for the cherry smoke.

So onto the beer. The color is absolutely gorgeous, just a perfect dark gold. It completely lacks any head and the smell does not have any smokiness to it. I definitely view this as a positive since I was quite afraid of being overwhelmed by this. The smell is just a very nice pleasant belgian saison with a decent amount of banana popping through. The taste further confirms the smell, but a touch of the smoke comes through. The smoke is probably only about 10% of the flavor profile, but it reminds me slightly of a fruit flavored hookah (maybe apple?). Everything else is that banana/coriander/clove belgian tripel/saison profile. I would definitely try get this again since its well balanced and has a good NSP.

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