Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hess Ficus (Fig Saison)

type: dark saison
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $20/64oz
ABV: 6.1%
NSP: 5.8

Let me tell you something: I love living around the corner from a truly artisan beer monger.  (Mike) Hess brewery has it's moments of glory, and moments of "black, send it back".  In fine Hess tradition the name of the beer gives absolutely no indication what it might be.  And what the hell is a dark saison?  I (still) cannot answer that, but Ficus is probably one.  It's 'earthy', but doesn't taste like dirt and is easy drinking.  It's spicy, but well balanced.  Shit, I still dunno... it's a dark saison I guess.

What this mostly reminds me of is a black IPA with some major yeast-borne spiciness, and a bit of figiness rather than the deep hoppy bitterness you'd expect from a CDA.  No... 'figiness' is not a word... but if you eat figs you know what da fig I'm talking about.  It's delicious, different, complex, and interesting.  So... a win.  But the NSP is a little too low for most growler fills, even though it really is quite delicious.  I'd say mostly you'll want to hit up the North Park tasting room and give this a try -- they have Bananagrams, which I'll beat you at AD, son!

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