Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gilgamesh VADER

type: CDA
origin: Salem, OR
price: ?
ABV: 6.5
NSP: ?

I love black, sludgy coffee, and this makes me feel right at home.  This gives off a real wallop of roasted barley, accented with coffee I assume was roasted to within an inch of its usable state.  All of these features makes this definitely on the 'dark side', so I'd say the title befits the product.

But this is so much more complex than expected, even though the label kicks ass.  Even though the coffee/grain action basically scrapes your tongue with a rusty steel brush, the flavors are very nicely balanced by just a touch of sweetness, and a decent level of hoppiness.  I can't, unfortunately, claim this upends HoD as my favorite CDA from the PNW, but this is none-the-less very good (NTLVG -- I needed just one more acronym).

This is brewed in Salem, Oregon, which was as dead as dead could be the last time I was there (many years ago); hopefully Gilgamesh, a new brewery pumping out great stuff, will change up the pace a bit.  Thanks again to Surly-Chris for another fine reconnaissance brew.

Another great PNW-CDA?  Ludicrous speed drinking... GO!!!!!

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