Thursday, April 3, 2014

Samuel Adams Cold Snap

type: Belgian-style white ale
origin: Boston, MA
price: $14/12-pack
ABV: 5.3%
NSP: 16.1

Sam Adams and I are at reasonable understanding; rarely do they brew something I will rave to people about, but equally rare is a terrible beer by them.  Their consistent both in quality, and in value.

Cold Snap is their seasonal Belgian white ale, brewed to signify the return of spring.  It's pretty much been spring all year in San Diego, so I don't quite give a shit, but I can imagine the relief in store for those affected by the Polar Vortex Weather-shitstorm 2014.

I say this beer hits the spot reasonably well, especially given the NSP (better than Chainbreaker).  It's light bodied, with a decent balance between additives (orange peel, plum, hibiscus, coriander) and the malted wheat base.  I even taste a slight bit of vanilla, which is oddly pleasant. The aromas are pretty underwhelming, though, and I could use a bit more carb, but it'll do in a pinch obviously.

While taking a bit of time off to finish writing my thesis, I became somewhat uneasy that most beer nerds are shifting towards drinking massive, hoard-able and cellar-able ales exclusively.  Such a trend creates and obvious snobbery vacuum where beers like this offer absolutely nothing to the evacuee.  This is neither a massive beer, nor a cellar beer, but it certainly has a lot of flavor and complexity for the money.  Fuck no, it's not even close to tasting like Allagash White, but the typical Allagash NSP is about as low as Dubya's grades in school -- consistently next to dogshit.

So to conclude, my friends, Cold Snap rubs the lotion on its skin.

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