Thursday, May 1, 2014

Evil Twin Falco

type: IPA
origin: Stratford, CT
price: $3.25/12oz
ABV: 7%
NSP: 7.6

First things first:

  1. How can I drink this not listening to Falco?   
  2. Is there an intended connection between the famous German pop artist and this masterful IPA from a famous Danish gypsy brewer (brewed at Two Roads in Stratford, CT.)?   
  3. Who knows, and who cares, right?
  4. I'll wait while you get the following Falco video playing...

Got it?  Good.  Some appropriate background music.

I almost screwed the pooch on this beer.  Why?  Well, when I saw this at Bottlecraft, I didn't notice the bottling date was in November of last year.  So we're looking at a nearly six month old IPA.  Normally such a blunder spells major trouble, but it looks like I dodged a bullet though because this has the most appetizing aroma of any IPA I can think of in recent history.

Alex quite enjoyed Bikini Beer, a very sessionable IPA, which is part of the reason I immediately grabbed this off the shelf.  After that wonderful aroma, I taste a citrusy and slightly smoky hop presence, layered over a spicy, rye (?) malt base.  This taste like the bastard child of Nelson and Heady Topper, just backed off a bit in body.  Hell, even the appearance is reminiscent of both of those beers.

Really tasty, friends.  I think I may be obsessed.  Evil Twin, I'm calling on you: Can we please get some fresh Falco 'round here??

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