Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Founders Centennial IPA

type: IPA
origin: Grand Rapids, MI
price: ~$10/6-pack (est.)
ABV: 7.2%
NSP: 14.9

No, this is not brewed once per century.  It's brewed with Centennial hops, ya dingus!

The IPA field is tough one these days.  Everyone and their brother has the IPA to end all IPAs, right?  What I think is clear, though, is when a brewery is good at making beer across the board; Founders is definitely one of those.

Their Double Trouble is a ridiculously good DIPA, and for the money and style, this is definitely comparable in quality.  Not too bitter, and the hopping gives a very straightforward set of flavors.  Is it a single-hop beer?  I cant tell, but the nose is mildly sweet, and it's going down like water in this 90 degree heat (I'm in the shade obviously).

This one's simple: if you can find it, pug it.

But I cant, so until then I'll just give props to my East Coast hookup.  CK, thanks for another fine Northeast recon beer!

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