Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sante Adairius Bright Sea Blonde

type: BA sour Belgian blonde
origin: Capitola, CA (near Santa Cruz)
price: $15/750ml
ABV: 6.2%
NSP: 3.1

At a recent visit (my first), I flipped out over Cap'n Ron, their sour imperial stout.  Ron was the reason I bought everything I could, but it turns out the quota is a single bottle, if they even have a style for sale.  But, with beer this good, I'm just happy to have had the chance.

Bright Sea is a lightly soured, barrel aged, Belgian blonde ale.  Plain and simple: it's tart, juicy, pleasantly aromatic, easy on the tongue, and gorgeous to look at.  Nay a flaw to be found either.

The key to this being so goddamn drinkable is, I think, the gentle sourness and the mild carbonation.  The combination adds some nice, light acidity, which masks any heaviness you might mind in the common unfiltered Belgian blonde.  It's just flipping fantastic.

From what I've been able to taste, I'd say that Sante is absolutely crushing their competition.  Well... except that the NSP is about as dogshit as they come (OK, well not this bad).  But I don't really care because they're like a chia pet: just water, and watch them grow!  My only issue is that I live too damn far from this magic gem of a brewery.

And the other side because these labels kick ass.

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