Thursday, July 24, 2014

Firestone Double Jack

type: double IPA
origin: Paso Robles, CA
price: $6/22oz
ABV: 9.5%
NSP: 10.3

I stand by my claim that Union Jack is one of my favorite go-to IPAs of all time, and needless to say I expect big things from Firestone's dry-hopped "double" IPA.

This is really an imperial IPA, though, folks.  It's big, dry, slightly acidic, and the hop resins coat your tongue like a dog eating peanut butter.

Like drinking hop-resin bombs on the Best Coast.

Ultra West Coasty brah, and I'm giving it major props.  They must use a metric fuckton of hops during the dry-hop stage, because this tastes super fresh.

Featured in the pic: tasty chimichurri from el Valle de Guadalupe.  Hecka tasty yo!

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