Friday, July 25, 2014

Fort George 3-Way IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Astoria, Oregon
Price: $10.99 per 4/16 oz cans
ABV: 7.2%
NSP: 12.4
Fort George Website
Block 15 Website
Boneyard Website

I heard about this beer and actively sought it out. Fort George is pretty decent in their own right, but the addition of IPA heavyweights Boneyard and Block 15 made this a must drink. And lets just cut to the chase: they knew this beer would rock. I mean, why else would they put their own brewery rock band on the side of the can. This may be one of the best IPAs I have had in the PacNW and I would drink this anytime given the opportunity. That being said, I think the Boneyard-only offerings may be a bit better, but not by much (I haven't had any Block 15 stuff and only a few Fort George offerings). The nose and flavors are dominated by a massive amount of grapefruit and a wee pinch of pineapple. That being said, it surprises you by drinking incredibly dry and light; most IPAs with this massive of a grapefruit quality are well into the imperial range and are definitely very sweet. The finish is a bit harsh, not from the alcohol, but from an egregious bitterness. That is probably the only thing keeping this from best-in-show, but if you are a hophead, you won't even notice.

Fort George is not as heroin chic as Block 15
...or Boneyard

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