Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lagunitas Night Time

type: black IPA
origin: Peta-fucking-luma, CA
price: $3.60/22 at Costco in Redwood City
ABV: 8.2%
NSP: 14.8

Lagunitas rarely misses.  Don't worry: this doesn't miss.  I just wanted to say how impressive it is that they can make style, after style, after style, after style; deliciously and with great NSPs.

I really had no idea what was inside this bottle, besides something that I should probably consume late at night.  I don't generally "fear the dark," but cracking a 22 of unknown substance sort of gives me nightmares: imagine having to finish that much BCBS.  Nope.

This pours perfectly (no surprise), and resembles more of a deep porter in color, rather than, say, any CDA out there.  But it's wonderfully hoppy, as you should expect from Lag, and has an extremely crushable body, with very little trace of blerg-inducing porter flavors (I still despise the style, obviously).

No blerg-action here: this ain't no goddamn porter.
It was the night time when I drank this, and I can't think of another beer I should've drank instead.  I think a "wild" version of this would be a near masterpiece.  Or they could back the hops off and sour it completely -- any way they choose, though, I'm sold:
Instead, this ^ is more fitting ...
and, obviously, this ^.

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