Tuesday, July 8, 2014

off color brewing Troublesome

type: gose
origin: Chicago, IL
price: $10.99/4-pack at Beltramos
ABV: 4.3%
NSP: 5.6

A while back I had a serious Norske-chub.  Well, that's turned into a gose-chub.  I flipping love gose for so many reasons: it's light and refreshing, a bit more acidic than most ale (but not too sour), complex favors but not overtly complex, and it's lightly salty.  I'm a little obsessed at this point, because it occurs to me that this style is difficult to pull off.  It may not seem difficult, given the relative simplicity of the ingredients, but the trick is getting the balance and delicacy correct.

This could easily be one of the best ones I've had so far, the key being it's balance tips a little towards the coriander/floral side.  It's still salty, it's still slightly sour, and it's still completely refreshing, but this tastes a lot more sessionable than usual.

Off color brewing appears to be doing things correctly, and I'm really digging the packaging.  Their product looks very "artisan", which can be the beer-equivalent of a red herring; but inside I've found nothing but legit beer.  I'll not be second guessing ocb purchases in the future.

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