Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop IPA (2014)

type: fresh hop IPA
origin: Chico, CA
price: $3.50/24oz
ABV: 6.7%
NSP: 13.6

This has a really interesting hop-flavor I'm struggling to pin down.  The base is slightly sweet with a medium body, as you can come to expect from Sierra, and it nicely complements the fresh-hop character.  The hops are at the same time spicy and citrusy, which is really interesting.  Overall this is a really smooth, pleasant beer to drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Now, I'm about to begin a mild rant because I just watched Stone's propaganda piece to raise money for their brewing adventures in Berlin, which makes me want to ask what made you think you could get away with a "grassroots" effort at fundraising $1M??

I went on that mini-rant because -- in contrast with Stone -- Sierra seems like a brewery producing complicated brews while also exercising some humility.  They're good at the fundamentals too.

I've never bought into the whole "you're not worthy" bullshit coming out of the gargoyle's mouth, so I'm glad Sierra stays on the mellow.  For that, you get a NSB thumbs up.  Easy choice, folks.

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