Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bear Republic Cafe 15 Racer

type: double IPA
origin: Cloverdale, CA
price: $8/22oz
ABV: 9.75%
NSP: 7.9

Does Bear Republic have a new facility in Cloverdale?  Probably not -- I've had the blinders on for a while, and didn't realize they're a lot bigger than I thought.  Whatever, this is a badass DIPA.  It's big and juicy, and loaded with fruity hop action.  But there's still a deep bitterness to it, and although the malt base is on the heavy side, it's still very pleasant and not overdone.  Not much else to say here: it's a great all-around double IPA that's very nearly in the this-is-damn-near-a-triple-IPA-if-you-ask-me classification.  And just what the hell is a cafĂ© racer?

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