Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brew Rebellion Amber Ann

type: imperial amber/red ale
origin: Yucaipa, CA
price: $9/22oz
ABV: 10.4%
NSP: 7.5

I wanted to publish on my birthday as a sign of respect to BR, because this reminds me of drinking Perdition: rough around the edges, but interesting and completely delicious.  There's a tremendous amount of complexity here -- as much as a nice barleywine might impart.  Raisins, molasses, and booooooze.  This is damn near the finest of this style I've ever had, although I can't say there've been many I can compare this too (that I can remember).  And it's purty.

If I'd complain at all it would be the alcohol wafting up my nose, and there's a little too much carb for the head-retention qualities.  Although, all that carb may be what keeps the ridiculous ABV in check when you're drinking it.  And, it was full of yeast dregs just churning away at the beer, which means it was probably a lot less carb'd when I bought it, and it's probably significantly stronger now after all those yeast-dumps.

These days it's become increasingly difficult to stick out from the competition.  But it's clear that these guys have tremendous potential, and a great deal of love for the craft.  When I tried their stuff at this year's North Park Festival of Arts, I was sold.  The quality of their bottled brew was the last check for me: these guys stick out like a sore thumb (in a good way), and are a welcome breath of fresh air.  What's interesting too is that they're apparently operating out of the back of Mexican market.  Pretty ironic, huh?
When your beer looks like an ice cream cone, you've got pretty good head retention.

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