Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Belgium / Cigar City (Lips of Faith)

type: chili Belgian IPA
origin: Fort Collins, CO
price: $7/22oz
ABV: 8.5%
NSP: 7.9

I firmly believe that chili-infused beers should not be attempted by anyone except for the finest of brewers.  It's just plain frightening to think about how badly overloaded with capsaicin they can be.  Even though Cigar City is on the label, and this is a member of the Lips of Faith series, I'm still weary...

This pours, looks, and tastes like a really wonderful, well-attenuated, hoppy IPA.  To my pleasant surprise, the chili additions aren't overwhelming, and even add a nice complementary kick (as you'd hope!).  There seems to be almost a bit of cherry essence, which may be from the Spanish oak contribution.  No clue, but either way, this shit is rocking my face off because it's highly drinkable and it's strong as punk.  My only beef is that only a faint aromatic presence from the IPA is detectable.  If it were blossoming with hoppy aromas, I would be straight torqued.  I'm still very down with this.  Most everything else New Belgium offsers, however, I am not.  For example: this.

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