Thursday, September 4, 2014

Uinta Hop Nosh

type: IPA
origin: Salt Lake City, UT
price: $10/6-pack
ABV: 7.3%
NSP: 15.5

Malt bomb IPA, incoming!  Sorry, but I'm just not totally feeling this.  It's good I suppose (and getting plenty of teat-suckage on BA): it's not quite flawed, per say, but it also is not rocking my balls in any manner besides the NSP.  If there were a non-snob metric for ball rocking beers, we would've figured out that malty IPA don't rock no balls.  There's a bit of peanut butter and ash on the finish, which I've tasted before in more forgettable IPA, and is undoubtedly a malt/hop combo. Maybe next time, Uinta.  Or am I totally off base here?  I feel like I'm being too harsh on it, but that's because the ethanol is going to my brain.  So I guess it aint so bad after all.

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