Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adelbert's The Traveler

type: Belgian IPA
origin: Austin, TX
price: $9/750ml
ABV: 7%
NSP: 5.8

Unknown corked beer has been staring at me in the face at Beltro's, so I indulged.  It's a good thing they caged the cork on this because it's ultra carbonated.  Although over-carb'd beers can be annoying, and mask interesting flavors, it's not always the brewer's fault.  In this case the excess is likely due to yeast production since the bottling date, which was almost a year ago.

I have no idea what it tasted like in February of 2014,  but it has more than held up over time, maybe even improved with such a long bottle conditioning.  Now, in February 2015, it's a wonderfully juicy and fruity IPA, with a touch of sweetness from the malt and a bit of subtle Belgian-iness lingering.  Partially because of the carbonation, this is best at a slightly cold temperature; so, let it warm up a touch out of the fridge.

This would be perfect with a nice homemade English muffin with some strawberry preserves slathered all over it.  Any beer that makes me think of eating is alright with me.  Plus, they're talking shit about the range of Belgian IPAs on the label.  Dat's dat dope game.

Batch No. 001 MUH FUKKAH!
Already talkin' shit, right out of the gate.  I approve.

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