Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bear Republic Grand-Am

type: American pale ale (basically an IPA)
origin: Cloverdale, CA
price: $8/6-pack
ABV: 6%
NSP: 16.0

Lately I've been wondering what happened to XP, but also noticing a new(ish) beer from Bear Republic: Grand-Am.  At this point I think they just repackaged/rebranded XP, which makes me happy because I've always loved that beer.  Setting that aside, this a fantastic hoppy pale ale.  The term "American pale ale" is code speak by brewers that make excellent IPA's to indicate a mild IPA that would beat most any malt-centric IPA around.  Specifically, this is light, crisp, nicely aromatic and bitter, but not overdone, and a bit citrusy -- just a damn fine APA.  At this NSP it's hard to recommend much else from this category, and the ABV will hit you in the feels after a few.  Highly recommended folks -- rub that lotion.

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