Friday, January 16, 2015

Monkish Shaolin Fist

type: Belgian dubbel
origin: Torrance, Los Angeles
price: $12/750ml
ABV: 7.0%
NSP: 4.4

I was wondering what the deal with LA was: Are they in a craft beer bubble?  Well apparently not if this is any indication of the state of LA-beer affairs.

With Shaolin Fist, Monkish brewers manage to get those classic dubbel flavors to exist somewhere between subtly and actually perfect.  Peppercorns and yeast lend herbal aromas -- think licorice, anise -- that are really appetizing.  Dubbels are one of the most pleasing beer styles to me since they tow the line between monstrous, flavorful, and rich.  Allagash makes one hell of a dubbel, but so too does Monkish, apparently.  The finish is clean and attenuated, and there's even a touch of kola essence that I looooove.  Fucking nice.

Although the bottle suggests this can be cellared, I doubt it will improve much, and you'll probably just fuck it up by stashing it behind your shit-stained underwear for 6 months.  Just drink the damn bottle, OK!?

So allow me to welcome you to the 36 Chambers, Monkish! Raekwon the Chef has something to say about all this:
Wu-Tang dubbels aint nuttin to fuk wit!

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