Monday, February 2, 2015

Great Lakes Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout

Type: barrel-aged imperial stout
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Price: ?

I was able to get two of these in a trade awhile back, so of course, I drank one fresh and have been sitting on my second bottle. My first impression of this beer was full-on Wilford Brimley level of diabeetus. It was fine at the time, but didn't really care to write anything about it. So how does a year change this? Lets take our insulin and find out.

The pour is black. Big surprise. Some lacing, reasonable head, whatever. Looks like an imperial stout. The smell definitely has a bit of cold-brew coffee and some nice roastiness. And a bit of some cloying hersheys goodness is starting to come through. The taste, pure alcoholic chocolate milk. Not as absurdly sweet as I remember, but still would probably kill a kid in Africa. Final impression: time treated this well, but there are still much better options available. Although, what the fuck do I know, HuffPo just called Cleveland the best beer city in America (not a scientific poll).

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