Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Propolis Prunus

Type: belgian strong dark ale
Origin: Port Townsend, Washington
Price: $12.99 per 750 mL
ABV: 7.5%
NSP: 4.3

Propolis has quite a cult following in Washington but is largely unknown outside the area. Their beers are not brewed fairly often and bottle counts are not high, so its a surprise they aren't more sought after. This one definitely caught my eye: a belgian dark strong ale aged on cherries with herbs. That description would lend one to think of an herbal Russian River Supplication, and it isn't too far off from that. The smell is a combo of a nice dark belgian strong ale and a kriek. A little rosemary comes through, but cherries dominate. The taste is dry, herbal, floral and clean. More rosemary, maybe some fresh mint. Not as sour as the smell, but definitely a little bit of tart cherry on there, and definitely not as sour as Supplication. I definitely get a bit of spicy heat on the finish that lingers a bit in a good way. I think the herbal aspect is the perfect counterbalance to the wild sour funky part of this beer that just makes it perfectly crushable.

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