Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flying Dog Bloodline

type: citrus IPA
origin: Fredrick, MD
price: $14/6-pack
ABV: 7%
NSP: 10.7

It seems that with the sudden influx of the unbelievably tasty Grapefruit Sculpin we can now clearly identify the hot thing to do with IPA: blast it with citrus.  So I'm diving back into my BD series with a new offering -- a Blood Orange IPA.

There's an interesting dilemma with citrus beers: Do you juice all the fruit in house, or do you use extract?  As far as I can tell this involves actual citrus product (Grapefruit Sculpin does not) like I expect Orange Wheat does.  I don't really care which it is but I do know that using actual fruit sounds like a lot of damn work to me, especially if this is in the regular rotation.

On to the beer... Gorgeous color and pleasant hoppy/orange aromas. Fairly deep malt base with robust hopping.  The blood orange cuts right through that though.  It's pleasant, and potent.  Croosh.

I generally find that FD doesn't mess around.  If they release something, it's for damn good reason. But while this certainly doesn't let me down -- it's a fantastic beer -- G-Sculp is definitely the better bet if you have a one-to-one choice.


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