Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Firestone Easy Jack

type: session IPA
origin: Paso Robles, CA
price: $11/6-pack
ABV: 4.5%
NSP: 8.7

See that bottled on date?  Yup -- supes fresh Firestone Easy Jack, their sessionable IPA, picked up direct from the brewery on my way down to SLO.

It would be too easy just to write "this is just a toned down version of Union Jack", but that would also be completely accurate.  The main differences are, expectedly, the full 3% less ABV and the less-robust malt base.  But I also think the hops they use are different -- the aromas are subtly different.  This is goddamn good and, as of May 2015, it was on BA's Top 10* worldwide.  But fuck those BA neckbeerders, make up your own mind.

I could be totally wrong about the differences in hop varietals, but one thing is clear: like UJ, I can drink a whole damn bunch of this stuff.  It's still got a solid level of hoppiness over a nice mild, light bodied base.  And they've managed to pull this off without being overly bitter, and no off flavors.   So if you want to get marginally buzzed on IPA, or just want a beer with lunch, hit this up now.

Pro tip: A growler of anything at the brewery costs more than its equivalent six pack of cans or bottles.  And for those who are detail oriented:
(6 x 12 oz = 72 oz)  >  (1 x 64 oz = 64 oz)
Can you see where I'm going with this??  Here's a hint:

* Tonight is, coincidentally, David Letterman's very last show, and very last Top Ten list, ever.  Single tear...

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