Saturday, August 29, 2015

BD in a Flying Dog: The Fear

type: imperial pumpkin ale
origin: Frederick, MD
price: $15/6-pack
ABV: 9%
NSP: 12.8

There's been a severe drought in reviews on this site.  Sorry about that.  I can only imagine it stems from existing in a beer world where things change daily; it's hard to find inspiration in a sea of session IPAs and "hot" new breweries with bottle societies.  Fuck that.  I want some good ole' steadfast Flying Dog, which only rarely disappoints.

There's only been one pumpkin-inspired beer that I can remember loving and that we reviewed: Good Gourd (also imperial). That was an incredible beer.

But this is an incredible beer too, and it comes with rad artwork, is waaay cheaper, and doesn't require getting in line with mouth-breathers or dealing with the seedy underworld that is bottle-sharing.

This is definitely made with pumpkin, and definitely imperial. It's also phenomenally balanced: throwing a few down means you're going to be saying some dumb shit to your pregnant wife on the other side of the couch (me, last night).  There's lots of peppery cola flavor that I can't get enough of in beers like this, and that BJCP thinks is a flaw -- fuck them, but thankfully it doesn't resemble pumpkin pie too strongly. That would suck. I'm trying to get drunk heeeeerrre!

Another think I really love is the contrast between the fine, light-creamy colored head, and the deep amber of the base.  I'm drawn too it, like Steadman's drawn to splattered paint:

Fear mongering has no place in the world of beer.