Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Against the Grain - Citra Ass Down

type: double IPA
origin: Louisville, KY
price: $14/4-pack
ABV: 8.2%
NSP: 11.1

In honor of the latest Louisville basketball controversy, I think it's appropriate to review a beer from Louisville, and I'm a sucker for DIPAs in the 16oz can format.

So... Against the Grain... never heard of them, but that should no longer be a surprise given the rapid growth of breweries in the US

The amazingness of Heady sent a shock wave through the beer community that I think we're just starting to see reflections of.  This seems more-or-less like an attempt at a Heady clone, but nobody beats the Wiz!  It is damn fine though, and probably ridic fresh at the brewery.  Quite a well balanced offering that does better in the glass, IMO, even if the name has that classic dumb-hop-pun feel.  Its's a bit too sticky sweet at the end to be really amazing, but it's stiff, and hoppy.  I'm down with it FO SHO, plus it's got hella good NSP.

10/10 would crush again

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