Thursday, November 12, 2015

21st Amendment Toaster Pastry

type: India red ale
origin: San Leandro, CA
price: $5.60/24oz can
ABV: 7.6%
NSP: 9.5

In preparation for this review I sifted through the archives in search of comparisons. Based upon my non-snob research, here's a ranked list of hoppy red ales, with #1 being... well... number 1 in my book:

  1. Blazing World
  2. Hop Head Red
  3. 1881
  4. Legendary Red
and in reverse order ranked by my least favorite:
  1. 5 am Saint
  2. Pinstripe
and beers I haven't tried but would be interested in doing so:
What seems to be consistent across all poorly executed red ales is an under-attenuated biscuit-malt backbone and the taste of dishwater and metal followed by a bitter finish.  It seems like making it an 'India' style red ale is a fucking moot point when the shit tastes like squeezing out water from an old sponge into your mouth.

Of course I'm exaggerating. This is OK, strong, relatively good NSP, and in a sweet-ass can next to some Bud heavy tallboys.  When it warms a bit, there is some amount of fruitiness from the hops, which helps a lot to reverse the emotional damage from the sponge-chug.  

But in the end it's basically a forgettable addition to an already overcrowded beer fridge. That could change in the future, but only if they manage to scrub out that dirtiness.

The can says the name of the beer is an homage to the previous tenants of their new San Leandro facility, a Pop Tart manufacturer.  I'm somewhat confused about this, since 21st Amendment is a good brewery with sometimes world class stuff, but not in this case.  So, let's just say this is more like an homage to figuring out new equipment.  Here's to hoping 21st buys new sponges. 

[ And no, dipshit, it doesn't taste like a Pop Tart. ]


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