About Us

The site was started by me (Brendan) as a way to a) force myself to try different beers and b) help remember what I actually thought about them in layman's terms. I quickly realized that documenting and trying new beers is more fun with friends, and quickly invited Andy to join in on the reviews. The others (Samer, Matt, Chris and Alex) quickly followed, adding many different dimensions and backgrounds to the mix. Most of us are PhD students in geophysics except Matt (has a real job - known Andy for a long time) and Alex (out of grad school now). We all live in and around San Diego (all of us are in Hillcrest, Mission Hills or North Park) and love frequenting the numerous watering holes. Although we are all different in our tastes and styles, we all a) love beer and b) love making fun of Samer.

If you want us to frequent your bar or talk beer just shoot us a message at nonsnobbeer@gmail.com