Non-Snob Points (NSP)

This is our price-per-abv rating system. The form below computes the mL of alchol per dollar based on the price of the beer, the volume, and the ABV. This was envisioned by Andy and I as an independent means of determining value in beer. The original post can be seen here. Post your results at the bottom. We want to start doing an analysis to find the greatest value beer in america (or the world). Be sure to include your scale weight.

Common Volume Conversions (for the non-metric users):

12 oz = 355 mL
16 oz = 473 mL
22 oz = 650 mL
Wine Bottle (or belgian bottle) = 750 mL

The Scale term weighs the beer based on your perception. If you want to just know alcohol/$, enter 5. This scale term punishes harshly beers under 5, and slightly elevates beers greater than 5.

Volume (mL):

Price ($):

ABV (%):

Scale (1-10):

Non-Snob Points: